A French healthcare system

to the community

The bilingual option of the Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing is here to train the next generation of nurses. Visit this website to discover all the benefits the program has to offer students. You’ll also find a post you can share directly on your social networks to help spread the word about the program’s benefits!

French healthcare:
it’s up to all of us

The provincial government wishes to offer its population more French services. Its initiatives are gradually bearing fruit, but the Fransaskois community has a major role to play in enhancing the value, accessibility and sustainability of French healthcare services. Talk about!


Let’s support the next generation

Access to French healthcare depends on the next generation. We need to encourage young people to consider a bilingual career and the unique opportunities it represents.


Talk about bilingual programs

Not enough people know about bilingual programs (university, college and professional). The entire community benefits from learning more about training that is available in French.

Why get involved?

To gain access to more care across Saskatchewan

To get quality care

To reduce wait times

To keep French alive and well

How to do?

We all benefit from sharring

There is an urgent need for certified bilingual nurses in the system. In order to ensure the next generation of Francophone nurses, we have created a post that highlights the benefits of our program.

7 benefits
on the path to becoming a certified bilingual nurse

You can make a difference too! It’s easy to encourage the next generation — share the benefits of the program with your social media networks.

The program

About the Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (CBScN), Bilingual Option

Our program was created to train certified nurses recognized by the highest standards of the Canadian Association of Nursing (CASN). It was developed by the University of Regina Faculty of Nursing and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, in partnership with La Cité universitaire francophone.

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Thanks to our partners.

This initiative is possible
with the financial contribution of Health Canada.